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Hi, I'm Michelle

I am here to show you how you CAN live authentically, in a life you choose to create, from a position of choice.

I am an absolute believer in living your life for YOU and not based on the expectations or opinions or wishes of others. Or on what you think you should be doing.

I also believe, absolutely, that while your trauma and/or challenges may shape you and influence the way in which you view the world and the people in it, they don’t have to define you or limit how you live your life. 

Trauma and challenges don’t deserve to have the power to prevent you from living well!

I would love to help you to build your life the way YOU want it to be! 


How can I help you today?


Learn to THRIVE

How would you feel if you knew - without a doubt - that creating your ideal life was absolutely, totally possible?Well, it is!


Transcend your TRAUMA

Start moving through grief and trauma so that you can step into your new normal with a sense of peace and hope.


Coaching TOOLKIT

Get access to my top coaching tips and techniques to help you live your life better.

Join my Facebook community

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I have created a Facebook community to serve as an online space to help you transform the way you experience life in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

I believe that there are so many people who are walking around with the effects of a past trauma hanging over them, or who have recently experienced a traumatic event and the effects of this are impacting their ability to live their life well.

I decided to create a From Trauma to Transformation Facebook community to support those who have experienced a trauma.


Science has shown that being a part of a community where you feel supported, understood and lovingly accepted has a profound impact on healing.

I want this to be a community where we hold each other up, where we help and encourage each other to release some of these trauma effects and walk through and face the hard parts together.

We all have insight and valuable input to share based on our own journeys, and these nuggets of information can serve as a beacon of light to others.