There is so much beauty in letting go of pain, watching scars turn into butterflies before they fly away

Christy Ann Martine


How will the Trauma – Transformation Journey

help you with your healing? 


The Trauma – Transformation Journey is a 4-week online group coaching program that has been specifically designed to help you start to transform the way you experience life in the aftermath of trauma.


Do you want to start working through your trauma and eliminating the effects that it has on your life? A step-by-step approach to help you navigate the hard parts with access to support from others on a similar journey in a confidential and caring community will definitely help you take the first steps!


The Trauma – Transformation Journey group coaching program offers you all this and more – no more struggling through it alone!


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You would benefit from the Trauma - Transformation Journey........

If you want to work through an old unresolved trauma or start to process a more recent traumatic event, this group coaching program is the ideal place to take those first steps.


If you tap into your courage, show up and commit your time and energy each week into the healing processes, you will walk away with:


           The healing benefits of telling your story

           Less intense emotional response to triggers and thoughts

           Access to your own inner hero and source of courage

           Proven, effective tools and strategies to help you cope in the bad moments

           Clearly defined action steps to take you forward in your healing journey



Even better, you will have a support group of likeminded trauma survivors to walk with you through the process so you don’t have to go it alone!

The Trauma – Transformation Journey group coaching program takes a very different approach to trauma recovery as it provides a framework for holistic healing - body, mind and soul.

Maybe you have already been for some form of trauma counselling, only to find yourself still living with emotional turmoil and triggers that are impacting your quality of life.


Maybe you haven’t received any counselling at all, but are ready to step forward into healing as you can no longer live with the trauma fallout.


The Trauma – Transformation Journey group coaching program takes a deep dive into your personal trauma experience, helps you to unpack the emotional fallout and then provides you with:

  • a ton of coaching support during, in between and after the sessions

  • a community of trauma survivors

  • tools and strategies to help you manage the hard days

  • clearly defined action steps to take your healing journey forward



An enrolment questionnaire to help you get clear on what you want to get out of the journey


A 90-minute online group coaching session every week for 4 weeks to work through your story, the emotional fallout, the lessons and to get tools and strategies to help you cope in the hard moments

Lifetime access to all coaching material means that you will be able to have access to all recorded sessions, worksheets, action plans and templates to move your healing journey forward


Access to a private community of fellow survivors is an ideal space to continue to support each other through the aftermath of a traumatic experience where you can ask questions and gain even further insight to help you heal

Personalised post program follow-up one month after completion of the program to see how you are doing and to help move you past any roadblocks or challenges you may be experiencing

Are you ready to let go of all the trauma related stuff that is holding you back?

If you’re eager to take one small step towards healing your trauma, I’d love to help facilitate your journey! 

Limited seats available

Enrol below to finally, fully, move past your trauma and step into your life with courage and hope!


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Join my Facebook community

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I have created a Facebook community to serve as an online space to help you transform the way you experience life in the aftermath of a traumatic event.

I believe that there are so many people who are walking around with the effects of a past trauma hanging over them, or who have recently experienced a traumatic event and the effects of this are impacting their ability to live their life well.

I decided to create a From Trauma to Transformation Facebook community to support those who have experienced a trauma.


Science has shown that being a part of a community where you feel supported, understood and lovingly accepted has a profound impact on healing.

I want this to be a community where we hold each other up, where we help and encourage each other to release some of these trauma effects and walk through and face the hard parts together.

We all have insight and valuable input to share based on our own journeys, and these nuggets of information can serve as a beacon of light to others.